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We will work with you to identify the exact CCTV package most suitable for you. We can install a vast range of products that will meet your requirement from basic observation systems to fully integrated packages with remote monitoring.
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DualDome D14
One camera, two lenses.  Seeing more is just not possible.
cctv camera Two lenses
cctv camera Two HiRes image sensors
cctv camera up to 64 GB internal storage and a dual image of maximum 6 megapixels make the D14D DualDome an efficient security solution: You can secure two different areas with just one camera, for example. All without vulnerable mechanical components!
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The D14 series now has even more to offer:
cctv camera Easier mounting system
  The DNight versions of the D14 feature enormous processing power as well as excellent true-color images during the day and extremely sensitive night images in dark environments. Now also the mounting is easier and more secure than ever before. The day and night lenses are already pre-installed at the MOBOTIX factory on a special DNight lens bridge, which ensures that they are positioned exactly parallel to one another. This way, the day lens always covers the identical area of the night lens – without the need to make millimeter-accurate adjustments or run the risk of accidentally changing the position of the lens.
cctv camera Better image quality
  MOBOTIX software engineers set new quality standards again with regard to image quality and lens distortion correction with the D14D-180°, which provides both fascinating and highly-detailed 180° panorama images of up to 6 megapixels.
cctv camera Increased security
  The D14D is the first MOBOTIX camera with a shock detector (for all IT and Secure models) as a standard feature. For example, if the camera receives a blow to the housing, it can simultaneously take a video of the offender, trigger a sound alarm and notify the security company by a call. By the way, MOBOTIX cameras are extremely tough, not only because they have no mechanical moving parts, but they remain fully operational even if they are subject to strong vibrations.

Models : IT, Sec, Sec-180°
Lenses : 22 to 135 mm format, horizontal angle 90° to 15°
Sensitivity : Color: 1 lux (t=1/60 s), 0,05 lux (t=1/1 s)
B/W: 0,1 Lux (t=1/60 s), 0,005 Lux (t=1/1 s)
2 Sensors : 2 x 1/2" CMOS, progressive scan
Max. image resolution : Color: 2048 x 1536 (3Mega), 4096 x 1536 (DualQXGA),
Black/White: 1280 x 960 (Mega)
Image format : Free image format selection,
e.g. 2048 x 1536, 1280 x 960, 1024 x 768, 800 x 600,
768 x 576 (D1), 704 x 576 (TV-PAL), 640 x 480,
384 x 288, 352 x 288, 320 x 240, 160 x 120
Max. frame rate :
(M-JPEG) (Live/Recording)
VGA: 30 fps, Mega: 10 fps, 3Mega: 4 fps, DualQXGA: 2 fps
Max. Video stream :
(MxPEG) (Live/Recording/Audio)
VGA: 30 fps, Mega: 30 fps, 3Mega: 20 fps, DualQXGA: 8 fps
Image compression : MxPEG, M-JPEG, JPG, H.264 (Video-VoIP-Telephony)
Internal DVR : MicroSD card (up to 64 GB)
External storage : Directly on NAS and PC/Server without additional recording software
Software (inclusive) : Video-Management-Software MxEasy,
Control room software MxControlCenter
Image processing : Backlight compensation, automatic white balance, image
distortion correction, video sensor (motion detection)
Virtual PTZ : Digital Pan/Tilt/Zoom, continuous 8x zoom
Alarm/Events : Triggering of events by integrated multiple-window motion detection, external signal, temperature sensor, notification over email, FTP, IP-Telephony (VoIP, SIP), visual/acoustic alarm, pre- and post-alarm images
Audio : Integrated microphone and speaker, lip-synchronous audio, two-way speaker, audio recording
Interfaces : Ethernet 10/100, MiniUSB, MxBus
Audio/Telephony : VoIP, SIP, two-way speaker, event notification
Security : User-/Group management, HTTPS/SSL, IP address filter, IEEE 802.1x, Intrusion Detection
Certificates EMV (living environments, industry), CE, FCC
Power supply Year-round Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af)
variable PoE class, typ. 4.5 W
Operating conditions IP65 (with wall mount; w/o wall mount IP54) acc. to DIN EN 60529, -30 bis +60 °C (-22 to +140°F)
Dimensions Ø x H: 205 x 108 mm (D14D), 205 x 125 mm (D14D-180°), weight: ca. 750 g (with lenses)
Standard delivery Housing (high-resistance composites - PBT-PC), white, shockproof polycarbonate dome (transparent), free choice of 2 lens modules, mounting parts, allen wrench, patch cable, manual, software, 4GB MicroSD card

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